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Work from home since April 2010.

For Alpine Acess and Plumchoice, Inc.

For HP-Sprint , American Express Lending, HP Technical Support, Avast Antivirus Support, Samsung Computer Technical Support and AT&T Tech Support 360 (Small Business) Computer Support [Sales and Services.]

Graduated from:


West Palm Beach, Florida 

"Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer" (MCSE)

Graduated from:

National Radio Institute of Washington D.C.

"Microcomputer" and "Micro-Processor" Technician

Class of 1984 - 1988

Graduated from:

Young Memorial Vocational Technical institute


Class of 1980 - 1981

Morgan City, Louisiana

Graduated from:

Morgan City High School

Class of: 1979 - 1981

Morgan City, Louisiana

I have been a Regional Director and Area Supervisor of 

"18 Restaurants" in a chain known as: 


In the military, 

I was responsible to:

The United States "Fleet" and "National Consumers" as a member of the "CLASSIC WIZARD PROJECT."


I was a: "Cryptologic Technical Technician" CTT3

In the United States Navy from 1981 - 1985


My prior Creations include:

"3 Darling Internet Companies" 

whose "concepts I devised" in (September of 1995.)

"Stolen in April of 1996..."

then PATENTED by the others in "September of 1996..."

And given to third parties to claim as: "Their Own!"



For which... I had attempted to get resolved through the courts: DECEMBER 26TH, 2001 and was "DISMISSED" (without prejudice) twice.

*The companies started with a (P) an (A) and an (N). 

I brought the lawsuit against the individual who stole "everything" from me and I have documented proof of that lawsuit... that mentions the patent-able idea and the company he helped create from it. To view the Lawsuit Filing...

(Click Here.) Please know that if you do not have access... to gain access to the locked documents - please send me an email and I will set the bac-end up for you and provide you with a link to create your password so that you can review the first 4 or 5 pages.


~And now~

I am a proud owner of: 


Since April 24th, 2018


I am "The Creator of" :

"The HOLY GRAIL" - "Profit Trailer Magic Strats © "

Known as: "The Responsible Traders Strat.©"

*It is a "slow" and "steady" strat.

And, everyone I have met wants it...

So, I am making it available for use.

My name is: Archie N. Johnson, III


Welcome Aboard!

And, "May God Bless."


"What the technology behind these strats do"


(Click Here)

What will happen if we get a BITCOIN ETF...

Between Mid December2018 and February 29th, 2019?

(Click here)

Why did I do all of this?

Because, first, I was doing this programming for myself...

And, I had become successful in "what I sought out to do."

Based on what had happened to me...

I realized that "Many more have suffered too!"

Then I realized...

I had something that could save you alot of aggravation.

To learn more about what I had experienced...

and of how I can help you "based on what I learned"

(Click Here

Become A Affiliate (Click here.)

"The Responsible Traders Strategy©"

If you have any questions (or) comments

Please Send a Message

Max Prophet(s)

Archie and Kathleen Johnson

St. Lucie County, Florida 34983-1912


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Full Site Disclaimer Notice




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The only downfall here that I see is if Ethereum were to go to ZERO.

I will not say that it cannot happen!

But, I will say that it could go as low as $50.00 a coin.

But, that it can also go to back to $1440.00 a coin.

My prediction is that it will go beyond $5000.00 per coin...

And possibly as high as $11,450.00 (or) higher

Within the next 3 to 5 years!

Prediction by: MaxProphet of