[Self-Directed] Crypto-Currency Investing & "AUTOMATED TRADING" is it in your future?

 "Block-Chain Technology" is going to be the GREATEST WEALTH GENERATING VEHICLE of our lifetime as was the Internet in 1992.

We are in the early stages of new revolutionary technologies

The Future of Money

Our National Debt is increasing daily and so is our "Unfunded Liabilities." We cannot keep printing money in an effort to get out of debt! The more the Feds' print, the less our currency is worth. And, this is why BITCOIN was created. To view the United States current debts (Click here.)   

At some point, the Federal Reserve is going to do what is called a "HAIL MARY" attempt to get us out of debt using a FED COIN. Imagine in a couple of years no longer being able to transact in (U.S. Dollars.) Cash will become illegal! We will soon have no choice! The time to be made aware of this is now!

We will be transacting in a cryptocurrency known as a "FED COIN." And, with that change, our freedoms will be exceedingly diminished! For further information as to why The Federal Government is seriously considering this...  (Click here now.)  

The goal of this website is to hopefully prepare you for the future by introducing to you what cryptocurrencies (are) or "at least make you aware of them... " and to show how you can invest in "alternative cryptocurrencies" easily with (an automated trader.) Having an automated trader means freeing up your time and getting a more restful sleep at night! 

We believe that owning "alternative cryptocurrencies" will circumvent our FREEDOM. "We're looking for that freedom and we hope that you are too!"

We are so excited about this particular automated trader that we got our truck painted and created a website about it. "We believe everyone should be aware of what cryptocurrencies are and what it can mean to their future." 

We wish you the best!

Welcome to MaximumProphets.com!

Sincerely, Archie & Kathleen Johnson

So, what is "Block-Chain Technology"?

Bitcoin, was the first of the technologies to exist - created around the time of the "Financial Collapse of 2008" and introduced in 2009.  

At first, it was not taken too seriously.  And now, it is more valuable than GOLD.

"Block-Chain Technology" is being introduced into all sorts other fields of technology like healthcare, real-estate, insurance and much more. 

As a result, there are as many as 1800 + Blockchains out there that can be invested in. Which ones are right for you? Our automated trader sorts this all out for us.

Central Banks from around the globe are currently investigating the practical use of cryptocurrencies and world governments have legitimized cryptocurrencies and are finding ways to regulate them even further.

It is anticipated that the cryptocurrency space will reach an estimated "30 Trillion Dollars." And, it is further said that "MASS ADOPTION" is expected to occur between 5 and 6 years from now. Between (2023 - 2024.)

We believe that mass adoption will occur sooner.  (By August 2022.)

While you can Google many videos about blockchain technologies... and we do highly recommend it,  here is a video about "Block-Chain" (in a nutshell) and the "problems within our society that block-chain resolves" in "2 minutes". (Click here).

Why MaximumProphets.com?

We are using a "proprietary strategy" for the "robotic trader." 

We provide this "strategy" to you so that you too can confidently start trading with it... right away when you order your bot through this website.

We have created a separate discord channel (community) where we can all meet on-line from time to time to discuss strategies employed on the bot. 

We do not own this automated trader so we cannot sell it to you. We lease this robot from the company and so can you!


(Click here) to view a demonstration of the "automated trader." You will need to enter the password as shown to log in to the demo. 

The password is:      superSecret

If you would like to learn more about the robotic automated trader and cryptocurrencies...  schedule your  "NO HASSLE" - "JUST VALUABLE INFORMATION" ( Free 1 hr. consult! ) (here.

All we ask is that you "maximize your time with us." Please write down all of your questions ahead of time so that we can answer them. 

If you are confident doing this without us... 


If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask

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Full Site Disclaimer Notice

Full Site Disclaimer Notice



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You are responsible for all the risks and financial resources you use and for the chosen trading system. You should not engage in trading unless you fully understand the nature of the transactions you are entering into and the extent of your exposure to loss. If you do not fully understand these risks you must seek independent advice from your financial advisor.

All trading strategies are used at your own risk.

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